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Elevated Lifting Management

Safeguard is a technology platform that streamlines the entire lifting management process. Designed specifically for Hoistech, it allows us to effectively plan, perform and analyse our services and to securely compile your lifting data and documentation.

Every piece of work we carry out on your behalf is captured and recorded in the system, helping you to comply with all statutory regulations and giving you access to the appropriate paperwork for audit interrogation.

Over time, your lifting assets generate a wealth of usage information which is uploaded and stored in Safeguard. We use this data to create tailored services and supports that enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations.


safeguard process

How It Works

Safeguard lets you review the status of your lifting assets from anywhere, at any time. Here’s how it works:

1. Record Activity

Using the Safeguard smartphone app, our on-site engineer inputs all the relevant data from any installation, inspection, maintenance or breakdown repair work, including detailed reports, photographs, measurements and additional comments.

2. Review Data

This data is uploaded to the Safeguard platform where our service support team monitors activity on the online dashboard. We follow up on any outstanding issues or necessary corrective actions. As time goes by, we begin to identify trends within the accumulated data, enabling us to make informed recommendations to improve your lifting operations.

3. Access Documentation

Clients can access the Safeguard dashboard through a secure login on our website, giving you a complete overview of your lifting assets at all times and supplying the documentation you need for audit or review purposes.

Full Visibility – From Start to Finish

Safeguard tracks the entire life cycle of your lifting assets from installation, inspection and maintenance right through to decommissioning. On the day your asset is deployed, we capture its CE certificate, serial number and a photograph of its original condition and upload these details to the system. From there, we record every interaction we have with your equipment so you have full visibility over all your assets, all of the time.

See how Safeguard enhances our inspection process.

Richer Data for Better Operational Decisions

People often say that knowledge is power, and this is definitely true when it comes to the lifting management process. Safeguard establishes a repository of in-depth information that builds a picture of usage over time. We analyse this data so we can shape our services to meet your specific requirements and deliver informed recommendations to improve your lifting practices. With Safeguard, we can also measure the impact of our work and refine our activities to make sure your operations run as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Comprehensive Audit-Ready Database

By cataloguing all the activity and data related to your lifting equipment, Safeguard creates a central resource for your essential documentation – like GA1 certificates, maintenance and breakdown reports or inspection and preventative maintenance schedules. You can easily retrieve this information through the online dashboard, meaning you always have the paperwork you need for any in-house checks or external audits.

Safeguard’s Convenient Features

  • Records the full life cycle of your lifting assets – including CE certificate, serial number, original photograph, QR code, inspection observations, GA1 certificates, maintenance and breakdown reports, progress photographs and proof of decommissioning.
  • Offers multiple data fields and filters – including location, product type, inspection due date, serial number, comments and actions required.
  • Coordinates all inspection and preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Creates customised checklists for inspection and maintenance.
  • Stores progress photographs to monitor wear and tear.
  • Flags any outstanding issues to be addressed post-inspection.
  • Records the time and costs associated with the upkeep of each asset.
  • Facilitates instant retrieval of audit-ready documentation.
  • Provides client access through a secure and user-friendly online dashboard.
  • Allows simple on-site retrieval of certificates with a handy QR tool.

Safeguard’s Significant Benefits

  • Streamlines the management of your lifting assets.
  • Brings efficiency, accuracy, traceability and accountability to the process.
  • Standardises the inspection and maintenance processes with step-by-step in-app procedures.
  • Delivers a real-time picture of the condition of your assets through the online dashboard.
  • Gives you full visibility over each asset’s life cycle by collating and storing all reports, certificates and monitoring data.
  • Provides a central resource for all your compliance documentation, giving you peace of mind that your lifting operations are in line with statutory regulations.
  • Keeps you audit-ready with access to essential data at the touch of a button.
  • Eliminates the opportunity for human error by supporting key observations with photographic records.
  • Ensures complete transparency and removes any ambiguity from the process.

Contact our team to hear more about what Safeguard can do for your operations.