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Hoistech Test Weights


As part of our specialist solutions Hoistech offer for hire our calibrated test weights. Our custom built tests weights are available from 25kg hand weights all the way up to our 2t ingots.

All of our test weights are designed for easy handling. Hoistech also offer a selection of weights suitable for use in cleanrooms and sterile enviroments.

Hoistech can arrange transport of test weights to and from site as well as performing load testing.


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Our 25kg test weights can be carried by one person or grouped together to make a basket of 1,000kg which can be lifted by a forklift or craned into position. These weight baskets are also available on castors for ease of positioning during use.

Our larger 2,000kg ingots are designed so they can be easily picked up by a forklift, a manual pallet truck or using the top mounted lifting eye.  The 2,000kg test weights are also cleverly designed so they can stack and interlock with each other where heavier loads are required.


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To facilitate larger test loads Hoistech have designed and built a sleigh or load tray which can be loaded with up to 30,000kg of test weight. Our load tray is designed that it can be suspended from 4 wire ropes or skated into position.



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