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Inspection & Certification

Setting New Standards in Inspection Services

We provide a complete data-led inspection and certification service that surpasses all accepted industry standards.

In such a high-risk industry as ours, many people incorrectly assume that it is also highly regulated. The legislation in place (General Applications 2007, Statutory Instruments Act) sets out that a register of all assets must be maintained and, depending on the item, each one must be thoroughly examined and certified by a competent person every 6 or 12 months – and that’s it. But, just like an NCT, GA1 certification is only a snapshot in time and gives no real sense of the actual condition of your lifting equipment. Similarly, there are no minimum entry criteria for operators in our industry.

Not happy with ‘just good enough’, we created a new level of inspection services that live up to the Hoistech Standard and set us apart from other providers. Our rigorous, data-led process exceeds all legal obligations . . . meaning you and your business can too.

Data-Led Approach

We use Safeguard to conduct and manage our inspection and certification activities. Safeguard is a technology platform that streamlines the entire process and enables a much more detailed level of inspection and analysis. More importantly, it allows us to compile an in-depth database for each of your lifting assets, recording every detail, observation and action taken during or after inspection.

Always Audit-Ready

You can access the full history of each of your assets at the touch of a button through Safeguard’s user-friendly dashboard – making you audit-ready, all of the time. Our technology creates an inspection and certification process that is more efficient, fully traceable and entirely reliable.

safeguard process
Safe Guard

The Safeguard Difference

Safeguard gives us the tools to deliver a more thorough inspection service. Instead of just passing or failing your equipment, the platform allows us to create a tailored checklist for each of your assets and, as there is no check-all or fast-check option, a detailed inspection must be performed every time.

Photographs of any defects are automatically attached to your asset within the system, and our engineers are prompted to add their comments before the picture is uploaded. This image function is also used to monitor issues from one inspection to the next, providing us with the comparative data we need to measure any changes.

The inspection reports are instantly uploaded to the Safeguard dashboard where our service support team can review the outcomes. You can also view your reports or the status of your assets at any time on the Safeguard dashboard, or you can access your certificates on site using our handy QR tool.

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Expert Analysis

Our experienced engineers and service support staff understand the implications of your inspection results and can foresee any technical difficulties that might impact your operations in the medium or long term. Depending on the nature of your contract, we can advise you on the best corrective actions, and support you through any changes or improvements you choose to make. By availing of our service, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

Competence Redefined

We bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘competent person’. All our inspection engineers are highly trained, fully qualified and certified by Lloyds British. They undertake ongoing CPD training and are recertified every two years. We also have an in-house Training & Technical Manager who keeps our entire team up to date with the latest changes and best practices in our industry.

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Dedicated Resource

If your assets fall out of certification, the operational and financial consequences of any downtime can be severe. Our service provides you with the continuity of a dedicated resource who looks after the entire process from start to finish, so you no longer have to worry about staying on top of your statutory requirements. We monitor each of your assets, keeping track of reinspection dates and following up on any nonconforming equipment.

Flexible Nationwide Service

We always schedule our inspections to minimise disruption to your operations, and our team is well accustomed to working in highly regulated, hazardous environments. Our fleets operate nationwide, but, if it suits you better, we can also carry out your inspections at our Dublin facility.

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