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The Hoistech Standard

We Set the Standard

Even though lifting is an extremely high-risk activity, our industry is not heavily regulated. There are no sector-specific measures in place to validate operators, and, apart from being deemed ‘competent’, technicians do not need to be certified.

With the safety of our customers and staff in mind, we knew we could do better than that. Our team has developed a whole new approach to quality – one that goes beyond ‘just good enough’ and exceeds minimum requirements wherever possible.

We call it the Hoistech Standard.



Raising the Bar

Our approach is always evolving, and we work hard every day to enhance the quality of the products and services we deliver. While the Hoistech Standard sets us apart from other providers, it also acts as a benchmark for them to follow. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, we hope that our measures will improve quality standards in our industry and make it safer for everyone all round.  And, by raising the bar for ourselves, we can help you redefine and implement higher quality standards across your lifting operations.

Certified Systems

We understand how important accredited partners are to the integrity of your supply chain, and we’ve secured ISO certification to give you that peace of mind. With certification in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001:2018), we have the external assurance you might need to support your decision to partner with us.

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Superior Services

We apply the Hoistech Standard across our services too.

All the lifting gear we manufacture is fully tested and conforms to the relevant EN standards. Our Design & Fabrication process is so thorough and precise, we can also issue a Declaration of Conformity with every piece of bespoke equipment – something our competitors cannot do.

Thanks to our lifting management database, Safeguard, we can deliver more comprehensive Inspection & Certification and Maintenance & Breakdown services. The platform allows us to move beyond the confines of the traditional approach and provide more in-depth and proactive solutions for our customers.

With an extensive range of facilities, including an in-house Class A, 60-tonne horizontal test bed, we can test and certify all your new or modified lifting equipment. Our Load Testing service ensures that every one of your assets meets the Hoistech Standard.

We are the only provider of dedicated lifting equipment safety courses in the country. Designed and delivered by certified industry professionals, our Training service delivers a level of instruction that cannot be matched by the general courses on the market.


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Top-Notch Team

Although there is no legal requirement to train or certify our service engineers, the safety of our team and our customers always comes first. Applying the Hoistech Standard – and a significant amount of investment – we have created an extensive in-house training programme that ensures our service engineers are fully trained and certified.

Developed by our Training & Technical Manager, who has over 25 years of experience in the field, the programme combines classroom learning with supervised practical training. On completion, our engineers are certified by Lloyds British. Recertification is required every two years and continuing professional development is mandatory.

Unparalleled Products

Like any reputable provider of lifting gear and equipment, all our products come with a Declaration of Conformity (or CE certificate) and comply with the relevant EN standards. But we take things one step further. We batch test all lines in our product range, putting them through rigorous quality control checks to ensure they live up to the Hoistech Standard. We only work with suppliers who share our commitment to quality, and if we can’t find a product that meets our demands, then we make it ourselves.


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First-Class Resources

We equip our team with the latest tools and technology so we can uphold the Hoistech Standard in everything we do.

Safeguard helps us to enhance the quality of our services, offer greater support to our customers and ensure that nothing is ever overlooked. Unlike less sophisticated technology systems or paper-based approaches, Safeguard also improves our customers’ internal quality procedures by providing instant access to certificates, reports and statutory documentation.

All our design and engineering work is developed using CAD and finite element analysis (FEA) software and 3D modelling and simulation. Our welding process is CE certified to Execution Class 3 and all fabrication is carried out in a state-of-the-art production facility.


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