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Supply of Lifting Solutions

Looking After All Your Lifting Gear Requirements

We supply a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting gear and equipment for sale or hire.

Lifting gear and equipment are technical products that need to be carefully selected and applied. Choosing the wrong component, or a poor-quality option, can have major implications for the safety and productivity of your operations. A specialist provider can help to ensure you always have the best lifting product for the task in hand.

We’ve channelled over 40 years of lifting industry expertise and direct experience into our product selection and development, making sure our customers have everything they need to carry out their lifting activities more safely and effectively.

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Expert Advice

We help our clients find the most suitable solution for their lifting requirements. As we work in the industry day in and day out, we understand the practical needs of your operations and are here to offer expert guidance and advice on product selection. If you’ve already decided what you need, that’s no problem – but we’ll always let you know if we think there’s a better option.

Quality First

Quality is critical to everything we do, and it is central to our product range. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who share our commitment to quality to ensure we can offer you the most reliable, durable and safe solutions. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we simply don’t stock it. And, if we can’t find an alternative of high enough quality, then we manufacture it ourselves instead.

Exceptional Standards

Every product we source comes with a Declaration of Conformity (or a CE Certificate) and adheres to the appropriate EN standards. While this meets all statutory obligations, we are not satisfied that it goes far enough in assuring the performance of the product or the safety of our customers.

Before any item reaches our shelves, we put it through a rigorous in-house quality control process that includes visual inspection and batch destruction testing. By setting this higher bar for our industry, the Hoistech Standard means you can rest assured that every single product we supply has been given our seal of approval.

Unparalleled Traceability

Traceability is crucial to our supply chain, and we provide full transparency on all our products. In addition to the standard Declaration of Conformity, we track details of the good’s origin, fabrication, testing and quality control. This information is recorded against every item that we stock, furnishing you with an ironclad product history if you ever need it for verification or validation purposes.

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Dedicated Customer Service

Just like our quality and traceability standards, Hoistech’s customer service goes above and beyond the industry norm. We understand the costly impact that supply issues can have on your operations, and we do everything we can to ensure that you get the product you need, where and when you need it.

Here for You

You can get in touch with our team by phone, by email or online, or you can drop by our trade counter to discuss your lifting requirements in person. We offer Click & Collect or nationwide delivery on all products purchased in our online shop, and we can also arrange delivery on any items purchased in-store.

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