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Pallet Cage for Shipping Vessel

Pallet Cage for Shipping Vessel


3T Pallet Cage for shipping vessel


The following requirements were noted prior to the design of the Pallet Cage:

– A lifting capacity of 3,000kg was required

– The cage had to be capable of containing two standard size pallets side by side

– The cage had to be capable of being transported by a variety of different means.

– The cage had to have an enclosed roof to prevent damage to cargo due to falling objects.


The solution provided was an 3,000kg Pallet Cage complete with: 

– 2 No. Lockable doors with spring loaded locking pins.

– Weld mesh wall sections to prevent any cargo from falling free.

– Lifting Lugs on top of the cage to allow it to be loaded and unloaded from a ship using a dockside crane.

– Fork Pockets to allow it be transported using a standard fork truck

– 4 No. All swivel all brake castors for movement using a single operator.

– Increased Roof struts to prevent any crush damage should cargo fall on top of the cage.




Hoistech Provided

  • Supply
  • Design & Fabrication (including installation and commissioning)
  • Load Testing

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