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Understanding Your Business

Unique Insight

Over the years, we’ve worked with customers across a whole host of industries, but we have gained considerable experience in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Construction and Aeronautical sectors. Each of these categories faces its own set of challenges and, through our work, we have developed rich insights into how we can shape our products and services to better suit the needs of these high-risk and highly regulated enterprises.

Unique Environments

Likewise, all of these sectors present a unique working environment, and we have honed our practices and processes to meet the specific circumstances of each one. We understand the protocols involved in pharmaceutical and semiconductor clean rooms, and in hygiene-critical, zero-residue food and beverage lines. Our team knows the hazards associated with high-voltage power generation facilities, and we are well versed in the ATEX regulations of the oil and gas industry. We are experienced in complying with the strict security measures of our aeronautical and data centre clients, and we are adept at dealing with the fast pace and ever-changing dynamics of construction sites.


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