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Compliance by Hoistech

What is compliance? Well, you probably know it as any number of things, check sheet, operators log, inspection report, and condition monitoring. Our “compliance” software is a tool designed specifically to allow stakeholders to communicate in a meaningful way about the condition of an asset.

Hoistech’s compliance software is designed to maximize the value of an asset, it makes people accountable for the condition of the asset and puts unwavering processes in place to ensure the asset is kept in good condition. It does this easily, without increasing the work load or head count. The system can be set up to manage any asset and will instantly provide valuable information to asset owners and stakeholders.


How It Works

Compliance lets you review the status of your assets from anywhere, at any time. Here’s how it works:

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1. Record Activity

Using the Compliance smartphone app, clients can input all the relevant data from any inspection, maintenance or breakdown repair work, including detailed reports, photographs, measurements and additional comments. A new feature within the app is the QR Code scanner, which can scan an asset’s QR Code, which will automatically bring the engineer into the inspection questions.


2. Compliance Dashboard

This data is uploaded to the Compliance platform where Site Managers, Health & Safety Officers, etc, can monitor activity on the online dashboard. The bar chart is a representation of the compliance percentage on a week-to-week basis. The Gauge percentage indicates the level of compliance in areas that are not 100%. The Tick and X action buttons are a list of assets that are compliant/ non-compliant.


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3. Access Documentation

Clients can access the Compliance dashboard through a secure login on our website, giving you a complete overview of your assets at all times and supplying the documentation you need for audit or review purposes.

Clients will have access to the visual report section, which identifies the assets that are outstanding and the assets that have been completed. The client will be able to identify how many days an asset has been outstanding, under the client status headings. They will have access to all completed assets, which will establish how long the asset took to become complete, as well as showing the amount of times the particular asset had an issue.



Watch our video and get a flavor for how simple and adaptable this tool is and how it can provide asset owners with valuable information to drive their decision making.

Compliance by Hoistech’s Convenient Features

  • Visual Management
  • Real time Monitoring Dashboard
  • Access by all stakeholders
  • Easy use for all stakeholders in the value chain
  • GPS Management
  • Each stage of the process has an easy to understand KPI
  • Closed loop control of the process
  • Overall Management Report to measure compliance performance

Compliance by Hoistech’s Significant Benefits

  • Streamlines the management of your assets.
  • Brings efficiency, accuracy, traceability and accountability to the process.
  • Standardises the inspection and maintenance processes with step-by-step in-app procedures.
  • Delivers a real-time picture of the condition of your assets through the online dashboard.
  • Gives you full visibility over each asset’s life cycle by collating and storing all reports, certificates and monitoring data.
  • Provides a central resource for all your compliance documentation, giving you peace of mind that your operations are in line with statutory regulations.
  • Keeps you audit-ready with access to essential data at the touch of a button.
  • Eliminates the opportunity for human error by supporting key observations with photographic records.
  • Ensures complete transparency and removes any ambiguity from the process.

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