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Targeted and Tailored Courses from Industry Professionals

We are Ireland’s only specialist provider of dedicated and customised lifting equipment safety courses.

Making sure your workforce is properly trained in the safe operation of on-site lifting equipment is a key responsibility for your business. But when it comes to selecting the right course, one size does not fit all. The scope of lifting activities and techniques is too broad and too complex to be captured by a general curriculum. Without adequate training, even everyday lifting tasks can be very dangerous to perform.

To address this need, we’ve developed a training service that offers you the full spectrum of lifting safety courses – making us the only provider in the country who can deliver this level of instruction.

specialised training

Specialised Training

Unlike other providers who touch off lifting equipment or crane training as an add-on to their basic safety courses, we provide training that is solely focused on the safe use of lifting equipment. Our courses don’t just tick a box, they ensure your team comes away with a depth of knowledge and a clear understanding of their safe lifting responsibilities.


Tailored Courses

Our courses are designed to correspond to your exact lifting procedures. We visit your facility, assess your equipment, determine the nature of your lifts and evaluate the capability of your team. From there, we create a course to match your specific applications and deliver it on your site, using your lifting gear and equipment.

We cover all the lifting skills bases, such as pre-inspection, safe rigging and safe use of lifting equipment, along with any additional areas that your team might need. By providing your staff with equipment-, lift- and site-specific training, you can be confident that you have gone above and beyond your basic obligations and taken that extra step to protect the safety of your team and your lifting assets.

Our Team

Industry Professionals

As lifting specialists, our hands-on industry experience gives us a unique insight into the day-to-day realities of safe lifting operations. This enables us to deliver more relevant and practical training courses that ensure the safety of your staff and the regulatory compliance of your lifting activities.

Our trainers are not just teachers; they are lifting experts with a finger firmly on the pulse of the latest industry developments. They understand the everyday challenges your team faces and are highly skilled in translating safe lifting theory to your specific site requirements. In fact, our Training & Technical Manager has over 25 years of experience in the field.


Highly Qualified Instructors

In our effort to always exceed minimum standards, our instructors are certified by Lloyds British and all our courses conform to this level. Like many aspects of our industry, this is not a legal requirement, but we choose to validate our training services so we can be sure they meet the Hoistech Standard. That way, our customers can always be confident they are receiving sufficient training for their needs.

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Certified Results

On successful completion of one of our training courses, your staff receive individual certificates. You are provided with detailed documentation outlining the training undertaken, the employees involved and the validity period. We also keep a record of your training logs on our database so that you always have additional verification should you ever need it.


Extensive Range

Our tailored courses cover the complete range of lifting applications, with pre-use inspection and safe use of lifting equipment being the areas most in demand. No matter what your site set-up or what equipment you use, we can design a course that works for you – just give us a call to talk through your details.

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If you’d like to discuss a tailored course for your workforce, get in touch with our training team today.