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Barrel Lifting Frame

Barrel Lifting Frame


The client required a lifting cage to cater to 210L Oil Drums weighing up to 250kg.


The following requirements were noted prior to the design of the lifting frame.

– The lifting frame required a low headroom profile to accommodate existing height restrictions in their facility.

– The lifting frame required a mechanism by which to easily manoeuvre the barrels into position and then securely strap them into position.

– The frame was required to be light weight so as to be placed into storage by means of manual handling when required.


The solution provided was a low profile barrel lifting cage complete with…

– Round Bar Top Lifting Point to engage directly with the crane hook

– Light weight Box Section Frame

– Hinged strapping mechanism to secure the barrel during movement.






Hoistech Provided

  • Supply
  • Design & Fabrication (including installation and commissioning)
  • Load Testing

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