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Always One Step Ahead

Industry Experts

Starting out more than 40 years ago, we have evolved from specialist suppliers of lifting equipment to become Ireland’s leading authority on lifting management and safety. To reflect this growth, we’ve combined the capabilities of our two sister companies (Chain & Rope and Hoistech) to form a single, stronger business under the Hoistech name. 


Continued Evolution

This drive to evolve is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, constantly exploring and developing innovative solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Leading the Way

Anticipating every possibility is critical to safe lifting practices, and we apply the same principle to the services and supports we deliver. We see the opportunities before anyone else, and we work hard – and invest a lot – to find new and better ways to make them a reality.

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Constant Progression

Although we began life as a traditional family business – and those values still inform our approach today – Hoistech now reflects the best of modern Irish industry. Over the past four decades, as the country has grown into a hub for many of the world’s major multinationals, we have kept pace with this progress.

World-Class Standards

Our focus on evolution means we can continue to meet the increasing demands of highly regulated industries. By spearheading change and defining benchmarks, we’ve created a new standard in lifting management that measures up to the very best in internationally recognised operational procedures.

Our dedicated team makes it all happen.