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Ganterud – Auto Levelling Yoke

What is a Ganterud – Auto Leveller?

Explore the efficiency of the Ganterud Auto Levelling Yoke, a versatile tool engineered to transform your lifting operations. The range combines innovative technology with proven methods to lift, level, and turn a wide variety of objects seamlessly and safely.

With the capacity to handle loads from 0 kg to 5 tons, this yoke guarantees precision and safety, ensuring your loads are perfectly balanced and accurately positioned. Ideal for industries requiring meticulous handling, the L5 enhances productivity while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Elevate your operations with the Ganterud Auto Levelling Yoke L5—where technology meets precision in lifting solutions.



Explore the versatility of Hoistech, the leading provider of the Ganterud Range of Self Levelling Lifting Yokes, designed for advanced precision and safety in lifting operations. Our innovative self-levelling and auto-levelling lifting yokes, equipped with remote control capabilities, ensure smooth and controlled handling of a variety of structures. They are particularly effective for lifting precast concrete walls, stairs, and other building structures that pose challenges due to their difficult centers of gravity.

With Hoistech’s Ganterud Range, you can confidently manage and maneuver heavy and awkwardly shaped materials with ease. Whether stabilizing uneven loads or making delicate adjustments during final installations, our lifting yokes provide optimal performance and reliability, enhancing your project’s efficiency and safety. Discover how our Ganterud Self Levelling Lifting Yokes can transform your approach to construction and structural handling.

Explore our extensive range of Ganterud Self Levelling Lifting Yokes to elevate your operational efficiency with cutting-edge lifting solutions.




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Proactive Maintenance

Every item of lifting equipment comes with its own specific maintenance requirements. Our highly skilled engineers have experience across the full spectrum of makes and models, meaning we can make sure you always get the best out of your machinery. With our routine preventative maintenance contracts, we take care of the whole process for you, looking after all the scheduling and planning of your work. If you’d prefer a more flexible option, we also provide maintenance services on demand.


Urgent Breakdown Support

If things do go wrong and something fails, we are here to support you with our dedicated breakdown service. We understand the cost implications of any interruption to production, and we carefully schedule our routine work so we always have enough resources to attend any emergency situations.

Our Team
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The Safeguard Difference

For regular clients, we manage our service through Safeguard. This technology platform allows us to schedule, carry out, record and analyse all your maintenance and breakdown activity using one central audit-ready system.

We create a tailored maintenance checklist for each of your lifting assets and store it within Safeguard. Once on site, the engineer accesses the checklist through our smartphone app and uploads a detailed maintenance or breakdown report when the work is complete. Photos of your asset can also be attached electronically for recording and monitoring purposes, along with any critical dimensions.


Insightful, Audit-Ready Data

With Safeguard’s user-friendly dashboard, you can view your maintenance and breakdown reports at any time and examine all historical work associated with each asset. This gives you increased visibility over the status of your equipment and means you always have access to up-to-date maintenance and repair documentation for any in-house checks or third-party audits.

Our service support team also uses Safeguard to analyse your activity. We can track the time and costs logged against each asset and review the outputs of our work. Over time, the platform builds a detailed picture of your usage, highlighting patterns and recurring issues. Based on this data, we can make informed recommendations to improve your lifting operations.

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Flexible Nationwide Service

We always plan our maintenance schedules to avoid any disruption on site, and our team is well accustomed to working in highly regulated, hazardous environments. All our engineers are fully qualified and certified by Lloyds British.

Our fleets operate nationwide and carry a wide selection of spare parts. Alternatively, you can choose to bring your equipment to our Dublin facility for maintenance or repair. We also offer a 24-hour emergency breakdown service for customers who require support around the clock.

Pioneering Projects

In line with our ethos of setting a higher Hoistech Standard, we’ve developed and implemented several pilot maintenance projects for our clients. Initiatives like these are a first for our industry and are designed to help customers overcome specific challenges with their lifting equipment – anything from unexplained persistent issues to abnormal wear and tear, or from problems with unconventional applications to mechanisms for increasing asset lifespan.

We put tools in place to monitor usage, collect data and conduct detailed experiments. Our team then measures and analyses the results to diagnose the cause and devise solutions to counteract the issue. To date our pilot initiatives have been very successful, and they demonstrate our commitment to doing the best we possibly can for our clients.

As your expert lifting partner, we can help you get more from your lifting assets, enhance the safety of your operations and ensure maximum operational uptime.

If you have a lifting equipment issue that is slowing you down or costing you money, we can design a solution for you.

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