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Inspection Process

Our Inspection Process – Beyond Green or Red

Our Inspection & Certification service goes beyond the traditional approach of ‘green or red’, which is limited to a simple pass or fail assessment.

Once each of your assets is captured in our Safeguard database, it is taken through a comprehensive 3-step process:

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Each asset is thoroughly inspected by one of our fully trained engineers who logs their inspection findings through the Safeguard smartphone app. When the inspection is complete, a report is generated and made available to you instantly on the Safeguard dashboard. Every item is categorised as passed, failed, missing or requiring monitoring or maintenance, and the results are clearly displayed on your dashboard.




In Ireland, GA1 certification for lifting equipment is not just a formality but a crucial element of construction safety and legal compliance. It ensures that all lifting equipment is regularly inspected, maintained, and kept in safe working condition, reducing risks and protecting both workers and project stakeholders. Prioritising GA1 certification is not only a legal obligation but a commitment to fostering a safer and more efficient construction industry in Ireland.

With Hoistech, your GA1 certificate is automatically issued for each ‘passed’ asset, and you can easily access a PDF copy of the GA1 Certificate straight away through our online certificate bank, the Safeguard platform.



Our service support team follows up with you on any failed, missing or highlighted assets, making sure that nothing gets overlooked. Depending on your contract, we can put in place plans for corrective action, offering advice and making recommendations on the best approach to suit your operations. With our Total Asset Management programme, you can take things one step further and hand over the management of your lifting assets and data to us entirely.

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