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Hoistech are agents for the AlueX range of self-adjusting spreader beams.

These versatile light weight spreader beams are manufactured in Finland and are of exceptional quality. They are unique in that they automatically adjust to suit the size of the load being lifted. Their aluminium telescopic design means they are extremely light weight with the 5tonne model weighing only 35kg and capable of spanning up to 4m.

These Spreader beams have a lifting capacity from 5 Tonne to 50 Tonne and have operating widths from 2.54m to 9.6M depending on the model. The AlueX adjustable spreader beam is seen in the industry as a huge cost saving device because once the correct beam is chosen it has the ability to cover a huge variety of lifting applications without modification.

For truck mounted crane operators in particular the 10t model and the 10t+ model are extremely popular as they have the width to lift any number of loads, weigh no more than 45kg and can travel with the load as the fold down to 2.5m. This eliminates the need for a second vehicle carrying bulky spreader beams.

AlueX 10 Tonne 2.5m – 4m weighs just 45kg!
AlueX 10 Tonne 2.5m – 5.4m weighs just 65kg!
ALueX 15 Tonne 2.5m – 3.8m weighs just 95kg!
AlueX 5 Tonne 2.5m – 4m weighs just 35kg!


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Or check out the video below to see the aluex spreader beam in action.