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Working at heights is a dangerous job, but don’t worry! With the right personal protective equipment and training, it can be much safer and height safety can be achieved.


Here are some tips to consider when working at height.

Assess the situation -Before you start work on a project and decide on the most suitable PPE, it’s important to conduct a thorough risk assessment. You and your team must have a clear understanding of the potential hazards that could be encountered to help decide what height safety PPE will provide the best protection.Consideration should be given to restraint firstly so we can prevent a fall from occurring in the first place. Then, thoughts should turn to work positioning PPE to aid the positioning and support of the worker at height. Finally, consideration should be given to fall arrest PPE in order to arrest the worker in the event a fall does occur.


Ensure you have the right size and fitting PPE -You need to keep your workers safe. Comfort is critical to this.The first concern is of course that poorly fitted equipment could render any safety equipment you use redundant, especially if it means the worker doesn’t want to wear or use it. Furthermore, if it’s uncomfortable for the wearer, that’s likely to reduce their productivity. Any PPE should allow employees to carry out their duties with a full range of motion and without causing difficulty.PPE isn’t always one-size-fits-all. Always consider the best fit for you and your team.


Ensure your PPE is inspected and certified –
We have invested in training our team of inspection technicians how to properly test, inspect and certify all makes of personal protective equipment, and height safety equipment including harnesses, restraint lanyards, shock absorber lanyards temporary lifelines, fall arrest blocks, inertia reels, mini blocks, man anchor points, rope grabs, rope descenders, rescue blocks, rescue tripods, attachment slings, tool lanyards and work positioning belts. We also stock a detailed stock of all the more popular PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) all of which is supplied fully tested and certified. In addition to supplying height safety equipment, Chain and Rope Suppliers have a full team of qualified installers specialising in design, fabrication, install and certification of permanent life lines for working at heights, on flat roofs for example. It is also possible to hire some height safety equipment from Hoistech including mobile man roof anchor systems.


Safety around any workplace is paramount, and the risk to team members, the general public and property is greatly increased when working at a height. Hoistech recognise that safety is by far the most important factor to be considered in any work environment and have slowly built a comprehensive offering of personal protective equipment with a particular focus on working safely at heights.


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