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What is Ganterud?

Ganterud Lifting Solutions AB is a product company that develops and supplies effective, reliable and innovative lifting systems to facilitate the handling of materials and improve profitability, primarily within the construction and engineering sectors. We have teamed up with Ganterud to demonstrate their range of products.

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The Benefits of the Ganterud products

There are several benefits to the Ganterud products and how they can improve your lifting challenges:

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Levelling both light and heavy objects

The Ganterud is a lifting yoke that uses new and proven technology to level loads efficiently and safely at high levels of precision. The lifting yoke can handle both light and heavy objects ranging from 0kg up to 20 tonnes. 


Turning heavier objects 90 degrees

Here, the Ganterud can be used as a snatch block. The chain wheel can be disengaged via remote control for a free running chain that operates the same as a snatch block. Longer chain packages can be ordered as an option. 


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Accurate and wide ranging levelling

The Ganterud has a reversible length of up to 3 metres per hook and can be precision levelled at two speeds. 



Increases the productivity rate many times over

At the touch of a button, the Ganterud can easily and safely level its objects. Expensive crane times and waiting times are reduced.



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Robust, sturdy, durable and reliable

A robust and proven technology, as well as a reliable electric drive ensures that the Ganterud can operate in all weather, from -20 to 40 degrees celsius, in the most demanding environments. The sturdy casing, along with the IP65 rated electrical system, makes the Ganterud easy to clean.

Watch our video and get a flavor for how efficient this machine is.

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