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Certification and Testing

Owing to the inherent dangers associated with lifting gear and materials handling equipment it is crucial that all equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard.


At Hoistech we offer a full inspection and certification service of all lifting gear, materials handling equipment, construction plant and height safety equipment.


Working in accordance with Statutory Legislation S.I. No. 299 of 2007 to ensure all equipment is in safe working order.


Our inspection and certification team have developed a vigorous inspection and testing process to ensure anything that we certify exceeds the minimum requirement perscribed by legislation. We at Hoistech operate eight mobile inspection and testing units that operate nationwide.


Our Service Engineers are Llyods Certified and have all the necessary training and experience to inspect, test and certify all makes and manner of lifting gear and materials handling equipment. We also offer, for your convenience, full in house testing, inspection and certification at our Clondalkin premises.  



Our Service Engineers are equipped with hand held devices that are linked to CoreRFID "Checked OK" which enables them to inspect and instantly upload a cert online. This allows our customers access to their required documentation 24/7.


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