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Lifting Equipment Safe Operation Training Courses

Safe Use of Lifting Equipment Training Courses



Hoistech Ltd has been serving the Irish industry for over 40 years. Through these years of hard work, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in the lifting equipment industry by manufacturing, installing, inspecting, and certifying all lifting equipment.


In being in the industry for over 40 years we have found that safety is paramount. Inspections and certifications are routinely given out to companies across Ireland for their lifting equipment but the training of employees to use such products is rarely given. This can be detrimental to any companies safety policy in the long run.


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With unrivaled expert knowledge of lifting and compliance market, Hoistech Ltd Ireland's safe use of lifting equipment training courses offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of lifting safety skills courses in the industry.


With an accredited instructor from Hoistech Ltd, you can be sure that the training you're getting for your workers is top of the range. Training takes place on the premises of your company. This will let our instructor showcase his skills both through theory and in practical use. In being in the working environment of the workers also allows our instructor to understand the issues the workers face on a day to day basis.  


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a letter confirming the course title completed by your workers, the date, and how long their certification is valid for. A printed credit card shaped certificate can also be printed for all workers who have completed the course. The workers who have completed a lifting equipment safe operations training course will also remain on file. 


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We have a wide range of training courses for you to choose from. Courses such as:

Crane operation

• Pre-use inspection of lifting equipment

• Slinging and rigging practices

• Safe operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platform

• Safe use of a forklift 

• Safe use of hoist and slinging

• Safe use of a counterbalance of forklift

• Safe use of harness and working at height

• Safe use of chain blocks and slinging

• Safe use and assembly of an A-frame gantry frame

• Safe use of a teleporter

• Safe use for working at height and attachments

• Mobile Elevating Work Platform inspection and Electric Overhead Travelling Crane inspection


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If you would like to book a safe use of lifting equipment training course, feel free to contact us on our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021


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