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Hoistech Ltd.

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Fabrication of Bespoke Lifting Solutions




At Hoistech our fabrication department offers a full range of Bespoke Lifting and Materials Handling solutions. Our highly experienced design, manufacture and installation team can help you, come up with a solution that suits your requirements.


From an Overhead Crane in a machine shop to a custom made Stainless Steel Frame for use in a pharmaceutical clean room our team has the experience and skills to find a solution in the most demanding of environments.


Below is a small sample of the most common items we manufacture and install.



We invite you, the customer, to call and examine your manufacturing order at any phase of production.Please feel free to browse through our gallery showing a small sample of equipment manufactured at our fabrication works.






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Spreader Beams

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Fork Attachments

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Ancillary Equipment

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

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