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Chain Slings

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The use of Grade 80 chain and G80 chain components is a common, practical materials handling solution. It is predominately used for lifting in a single leg, two leg, three leg or four leg configuration. Alternatively is can be used in a towing application and in a tie down and load securement application in conjunction with EN:12195-3.


Grade 80 chain and its components are designed with a safety factor of 4:1, meaning a chain or chain sling will not fail, if used correctly, until a load of 4 times greater than its S.W.L (safe working load) is exerted on it.


When using a chain or chain sling it is imperative that the material is in good working order and fit for purpose. The criteria for safe and correct use of chain and components are laid out in S.I 299 2007 General Applications.


A 6 monthly thorough inspection by a deemed competent body is mandatory for all lifting chain and its various configurations. However it is important that a visual inspection of the chain and its components is carried out by the user before a lift to ensure material is not damaged and fit for purpose.


Hoistech offers a full inspection, testing and certification service of Grade 80 chain and its components. In conjunction with this service we also offer a full range of Grade 80 chain and chain components to make any configuaratuion. We carry a stock of chain and components from 7mm to 16mm with a full range of hook, rings and end fittings available. Large diameter chains are also available. 


For more information on the inspection, certification and sale of Grade 80 chain and its components please contact us via the link below or call us on (01) 457 0021.




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