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SI No 2 of 2020, How you can comply with the new legislation

Written on 7th February 2020 by Ben Kelly

As of the 1st of April 2020, Ireland will be introducing SI No 2 of 2020 into legislation. This legislation is very important for those working with machines with a maximum rated lift capacity at a minimum lift point radius as specified by the manufacturer of greater than or equal to 1,000kg or an overturning moment greater than or equal to 40,000 Nm. The newly written legislation states that those machines are fitted with: 

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To comply with new Irish safety requirements, Hoistech and Prolec offer an acoustic or visual device that indicates to the operator when the rated lift capacity or corresponding moment is reached.

Our rated capacity indicator or rated lift capacity indicator is a modular bolt-on system that can be retrofitted to any excavator and will both satisfy the new HSA requirements and increase the productivity of your excavator.


Currently if used as a lifting device, your excavator has check valves fitted and has a safe working load equal to the weight the machine can lift at full stretch over the side of the tracks according to the manufacturer's load charts. The fact is that this is the worst-case scenario. The excavator is actually capable of lifting a far greater load closer to its own centre of gravity as verified by the manufacturer's load charts. The machine capacity constantly changes depending on the position of the load point in relation to the excavator, and the excavator's orientation over its own tracks. At full stretch, the capacity is at a minimum, and when lifting as close as possible to the machine, capacity is at a maximum.


The Prolec rated lift capacity indicator unleashes the machine's full lifting potential by being constantly aware of the lifting points' exact position and the excavator’s orientation. The software correlates the exact lifting point location with the machine-specific load charts and informs the operator precisely what can be lifted at the current radius.


The Prolec rated lift capacity indicator offered by Hoistech satisfies the new Statutory Instruments requirements implemented in April 2020 by sounding an audible alarm in the operator cab should the capacity of the machine be exceeded. The system can also trigger an optional warning beacon visible by bystanders. Additionally, motion cut solenoids can be fitted to the hydraulics which will prevent the machine from taking a lift which exceeds its capacity at a given position.


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The standard machine safety systems offered by Hoistech and Prolec include:

The Prolec system uses a combination of sensors, hydraulic shut-offs and cutting-edge software to enable machinery to operate safely within site parameters.

Our machine safety systems can be fitted to any excavator new or old. The Prolec system operates completely independently of the machines CAN BUS and so can easily be installed or moved to another machine.

Regardless of which Prolec system is selected the core components remain the same. The Prolec system is based on being a modular system where common components are used on all systems and as your requirements change you simply add or remove software and sensors to match the requirement. The basic principal being:


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